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Strategic Wellbeing Workshop (Senior Management Training)

This is a highly specialised training programme for Directors and business leaders, designed to comply with the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) standards. Delegates will learn how stress can have a negative impact on organisations and adversely affect productivity and efficiency. Appropriate actions will be explored to reduce this impact.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding and recognising the signs, symptoms and causes of stress at the individual, team and organisational levels
  2. Minimising your exposure to the negative effects of stress
  3. Improve your skills and confidence to support your teams by identifying areas for action
  4. The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Management Standards
  5. Risk assess any specific issues within your teams
  6. Identifying the key stressors and how they can be used to reduce the effects of stress in the workplace
  7. Identifying areas of action to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace
  8. Maximise efficiency through developing a culture of wellbeing
  9. The Seven Es framework on effective leadership to create a culture of wellbeing
  10. Create a business case and recognise the potential return on investment when investing in wellbeing

The following modules can be incorporated:

  • Understanding stress
  • The purpose of stress
  • When stress is beneficial/ inappropriate
  • Using stress to boost performance
  • Understanding the risk exposure of workplace stress
  • The Stress Management Society’s approach to stress
  • Physical, mental and emotional signs and symptoms of stress
  • Causes and effects of stress
  • Working with increasing job demands and work pressure
  • Creating and maintaining a work-work balance
  • The productivity cycle
  • Energy management
  • Supporting others without increasing your workload
  • The link between stress and absenteeism
  • How to deal with stress-related absence
  • Presenteeism – how to tackle it
  • Legal regulations on stress at the workplace
  • Identify stress-related problems – 3 Sources of Data
  • How can we support our team members and colleagues in recognising and managing stress
  • How to create a culture of wellbeing
  • Implementing a proactive wellbeing strategy
  • Improving your skills and confidence – The ‘Seven Es’
  • Relaxation exercise
  • Re-energising technique
  • Visualisation and positive thinking techniques
  • Envisioning exercise – where you want to be as a company and how to get there

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