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Time Management Workshop

Time management is a stress management technique. If you fail to master your time, you get overwhelmed, you get stressed and your productivity and efficiency diminish. This workshop is designed to support staff and managers in creating a healthy work-work balance through managing workloads. This will in turn help create a healthy work-life balance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to create healthy work-work balance
  2. Increase your skills in dealing with conflicting demands
  3. Learn how to use your time and energy more effectively
  4. Use our prioritisation technique for your own work, your teams, and to create a healthier work-life balance
  5. Increase your productivity by identifying and dealing with time robbers

The following modules can be incorporated:

  • Creating a healthy work-work balance
  • Prioritisation Grid - work based on each task’s importance and urgency
  • Energy management
  • Productivity cycle
  • Identifying and dealing with time robbers
  • Managing disruption to maximise efficiency
  • How multi-tasking affects productivity

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