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Train the Trainer Stage 1 (Stress Awareness Training)

Are you interested in becoming a Stress Management Trainer?

Are you hoping to engage your audience, providing them with valuable information and practical tips to raise awareness about stress and how to cope with it?

In this course, the Director and founder of The Stress Management Society, Neil Shah, will train you to do exactly that. As a leading expert on stress management and an international speaker, Neil will share our unique delivery technique with you. This technique does not draw on the common slideshow presentation methods but engages participants directly. Following the principle of ‘edutainment’, it conveys important information in a fun and interactive way using merely flipcharts and pens. As an accelerated learning technique, it allows maximum retention of information. In addition to learning delivery techniques, you will also get to know the content of our Excelling Under Pressure (Stress Awareness Training) course.

Day one:

You will be trained on how to deliver Stress Management workshops using our methodologies and learning techniques.

Day two:

You will be expected to give a live stress awareness presentation lasting approximately 15/20 minutes which will be assessed. If you pass, you will receive an accreditation certificate to train your own team, clients and audience.

Train the Trainer Stage 2 (Line Managers Training)

Those that already have extensive experience delivering stress awareness workshops to their clients, staff, the public and organisations now have an opportunity to learn to deliver our Line Managers Training. This is a Stage 2 ILM approved course which follows on from our Train the Trainer Programme Stage 1 (Stress Awareness Training).

You will undergo the specialist Line Managers - Train the Trainer programme with Neil Shah, our Director and lead trainer. He will train you to deliver our specially designed workshops for line managers using The Stress Management Society's unique delivery techniques. Please note that this course is to further enhance your skills in training and workplace stress management. There may be opportunities to work with us in the future.

Line Managers are a different audience and therefore it takes further training and practice to be able to engage them and provide them with practical solutions on how to manage their team.

The main focus of this programme is to teach you:

  • How to engage this unique audience
  • How to give the managers a broader understanding of stress/mental health issues in the workplace
  • How to improve line manager’s skills and confidence in dealing with stress/mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Our unique learning methodologies
  • The accelerated learning techniques that allow maximum retention of information for line managers
  • Methodologies to facilitate to high levels of interaction and participation

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