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Coaching for Performance

Our aim for this session is to assist you in identifying what constitutes effective and non-effective behaviours and understand their impact on others within a coaching/managerial relationship.

Coaching for performance will allow you to reap the benefits of being an effective coach and leader of your team. Even if you do not manage a team, understanding how you can adopt a leadership style and use some of the qualities of the world's most effective leaders will give you valuable skills in enhancing your career.

The key topics covered in the workshops are:

  • Behavioural types
  • How to become more assertive
  • Communication styles
  • How to be more engaging
  • Supporting others while maintaining a healthy work-work balance

The Course teaches

  • Proven techniques to help you inspire and motivate your team
  • How to determine the effectiveness of your staff
  • How to maintain your own high level of performance whilst pushing others
  • How to communicate your message effectively

Our Clients Include:

British Airways

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