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Corporate Promotional Products

Stress Mood Cards

Our stress mood cards are portable, pocket-sized stress testing products, designed to increase stress awareness. They generate high levels of interest and have proven to be great extras for health and wellbeing days.

Research has shown that company branded stress mood cards generates 3 times more brand awareness than conventional branded marketing products. Often labelled ‘the business cards that are never thrown away’, these cards will help to link the issue of positive stress management with your brand in the minds of employees and the people to whom they show the cards.

How does it work?

Stress Mood Cards use a bio-feedback technology which gives a colour indication of a person’s stress level measured by their body temperature.

Please visit www.stressmoodcards.com for more information

Aroma Dough

Aroma dough is a multi-sensory, pliable, fun product. According to research undertaken by Oxford University, touch is essential to our emotional wellbeing. The aroma dough’s combination of touch, smell and satin-soft texture has a calming and relaxing effect.

Our Aroma Dough is made with top quality essential oils and uses no artificial fragrances. These essential oils are absorbed through the skin and through inhalation.

We have 13 different fragrances of Aroma Dough, each specially developed to support a unique function.

Essential oil formulations and colours can be customised to match your marketing message and corporate colours. Let us design your label for a conference, training, workshop or as a promotional hand out.

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